A Charity Event to Help Butterfly Kids: SBFC

The 2022 edition of the Shanghai Butterfly Football Cup just concluded! The occasion to take a look back at the event and bring awareness to the cause it is centered around: improving the lives of those living with Epidermolysis Bullosa infection.

The purpose: helping and bringing awareness to butterfly kids

The SBFC is a charity event organized by the Rotary Club of Shanghai Elysée to the benefit of the DEBRA Association.

The DEBRA association is an NGO/NPO dedicated to helping the children affected by Epidermolysis Bullosa infection (EB) and their families. EB is a painful genetic skin blistering condition that can be fatal in the worst cases.

Why is the emblem of the association a butterfly? Because the skin of the children suffering from this infection is as fragile as a butterfly's wings.

Unfortunately, as of today, there exists no known treatment. As such, taking care of the disease consists of daily wound care, bandages, and pain management.

All the support received by the DEBRA association is used to improve research efforts toward finding effective treatments that can cure this disease.

The DEBRA association collaborates with international institutions and coordinates research projects while raising awareness toward people directly or indirectly affected by this disease to strengthen children's self-confidence and improve their daily lives. The association also supports the patients by donating dressings, organizing wound care training sessions, and DNA tests.

The 2022 Shanghai Butterfly Cup

For the past four years, the Shanghai Butterfly Football Cup charity event has gathered adults and kids around an inter-company tournament.

This year, 32 teams met on the soccer field, while all visitors and participants enjoyed many playful, sportive, artistic and educational activities throughout the day!


ASI Logistics and ASI Movers are very honored to have contributed to this beautiful event.

See you next year!

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