Sea Freight: When Slower Rhymes with Smarter

When it comes to moving goods, each means of transportation has its pros and cons. Even though sea freight is a slower option, it can be the most optimal for your business needs. Today, ASI Logistics introduces you to the situations in which slower indeed rhymes with smarter!

When is sea freight the optimal choice?

  • Shipping large quantities: sea freight is ideal for shipping large quantities of goods or large items, as it can accommodate large volumes of cargo.
  • Long-distance shipping: sea freight is the chosen means of transportation for long-distance shipping, especially thanks to its cost-efficiency.
  • Lower urgency or flexible timeframes: sea freight is a slower yet more cost-efficient mode of transportation. Hence, if your schedule and type of goods allow it, sea freight is an excellent choice.
  • Environmental friendliness: compared to air and land freight, sea freight is the most sustainable option and is set to become even more so as clean energy shipping is developing, allowing one to reduce transportation-induced carbon emissions efficiently when moving large quantities of goods. As more and more businesses and customers are concerned about the environmental impact of shipping, sea freight thus appears as the chosen path for companies working toward sustainable operations.

Searching for a reliable and efficient way to transport goods across the world?

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